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Runaway Train of Thoughts

Reckless Johnny Wales went into the studio starting in 2016. Many things happened in the world since he started recording sending this album in many directions and the result is a "Runaway Train of Thoughts!" Available through all the proper channels including CD Baby, iTunes, streaming and of course, direct from the website.

5 Star Meat & Three


Download available now from iTunes, Amazon, and other outlets. 

Here's a few quotes from Joe Wolfe-Mazeres' Ear 2 The Ground Blog.

"Betti Jo" by Reckless Johnny Wales

     Man the shuffle sure has been loving the new Reckless Johnny Wales album - 5 Star Meat and Three. It's not out until next month, but when you can get it, I highly recommend it. The album was recorded down at the Sound Shelter with a bunch of familiar names  (Brett Stewart, Chris Tench, etc.) Reckless Johnny has already won an Earie in 2016.

"Reprise" by Reckless Johnny Wales

     The shuffle has been loving "Earie" winner Reckless Johnny this week!  Today, he checks in with a brief instrumental from his forthcoming album.

"Only One Murder Away" by Reckless Johnny Wales

     Another from the new Reckless Johnny Wales CD, 5 Star Meat and Three.  Wales effortlessly moves from humorous word play (like Kay, Que Pasa) to more serious topics like this one. It is one indication of his skill as a songwriter. He is an "Earie" award winner in 2016.

"Kay, Que Pasa" by Reckless Johnny Wales

     And we close with another Earie Award winner - with some clever 

bi-lingual word play set to a nice Latin flavored tune from the new album 

5 Star Meat and Three.

"Nashville Skyline Intro" by Reckless Johnny Wales

     EARIE ALERT:  The Nashville Music Historian Award goes to the one and only Reckless Johnny. His newest album is called 5 Star Meat and Three. Today's post is just the Intro to the first release from the album, "Nashville Skyline Redux", but we have a live version of the song itself in the Video Playlist. Reckless Johnny has observed the changes going on in Nashville from his very cool perch in the Music Row area - which I had the unique and wonderful opportunity to visit. If you ever get the chance, let Reckless bend your ear with tales of Nashville music that you will not believe.

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