• End It With A Love Song CD plus a Reckless Johnny Wales paper doll!


    Tracks Include:

    1. Call Me

    2. Another Sunday Morning

    3. Not On My Mind At All

    4. Can't Get Enough Of You

    5. All Out Of Blue

    6. I Bake The Bread

    7. Bitch

    8. It's A Beautiful Night

    9. As Good As You

    10. I Believe

    11. Only Love Will Never Grown Old

    12. You Were Meant To Be Loved




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    • End It With A Love Song

      The sensative side of Reckless Johnny Wales.

      This album contains love songs, reckless-style. Once again Reckless proves his versatility by showing love can be kind, cruel, not always fair, but sometimes flat out fun.

      Speaking of flat out fun, take a trip back in time with the collector's bonus, a Reckless Johnny paper doll that can actually be cut out and dressed with some of his signature t-shirts! 


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