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It's Not About The Money, $15

It's Not About The Money, $15


What a killer introduction to Reckless Johnny Wales! When Bob Saporiti retired from Warner Bros. instead of a party, friends gathered in the studio to bring his self-penned lyrics to life. Oh yeah, did I mention his friends include Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Shawn Camp, Brady Seals, Dave Pomeroy, Jim Hoke, Kevin Welch, Clive Gregson, Pat McInerney, Michael Snow, Brian Willoughby, Louis Brown, Cathryn Craig, Le Ann Ethridge, Kacey Jones, Roberto Bianco, Mark Miller, Charles Green, Hallam Johnson, Mark Allen, Ron LaSalle, John Lomax III, James Crawford and Nigel Paul. 

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    1. C*R*A*Z*Y*Why?

    2. She Comes And Goes

    3. It's A Beautiful Night

    4. Not On My Mind At All

    5. Other People

    6. Passionate Love

    7. Loving You Comes Easy

    8. (I Don't Want To Be) Waiting At The Station Alone

    9. Enuff Is Enuff

    10. All Out Of Blue

    11. Hollow

    12. Has Anybody Seen The Fat Lady Lately?

    13. Only Love Will Never Grow Old

    14. By The Light Of The Bridges I've Burned


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