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Red, White & Reckless CD
  • Red, White & Reckless CD


    The latest from Reckless Johnny Wales. 

    Even though this album hones in on the political turmoil that is currently tearing America and the rest of the world apart, it also provides the listener with moments of hope and a clear vision of the future based upon a solid foundation of human history.
    Another profound chapter in the book of Reckless Johnny Wales.


    1. (Won’t You) Drive Up To The Country (With Me)

    2. If Climate Change Don’t Change Your Mind

    3. We're The Boomers

    4. Everybody Get Real

    5. Not About Nice

    6. Am I A Fool

    7. Always Was, Always Will

    8. Desperate

    9. A Letter From JC

    10. They're Dying To Come Home

    11. America, You're Beautiful

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