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Runaway Train of Thoughts CD
  • Runaway Train of Thoughts CD



    SKU: 712038899173

      Reckless Johnny Wales' "Runaway Train of Thoughts" is political, it's funny, and it's poignant. It's Rock and Roll but most of all, it's Reckless!


      Brilliant performances by Chris Tench, Brett R Stewart, Brent Moyer, Brian Willoughby, Pat McInerney, Michael Snow, Jeff Skunk Baxter, Charlie McCoy, Derek Pell, Jim Horn, Cathryn Craig, Rosemary Stewart, Alicia Michilli, Jessie Brown, Kacey Jones, Le Ann Etheridge, Clive Gregson, Claire Boswell, Phil Kaufman, George and Virginia Van Fleet, Art and Francine Allanbrook and Siri!!




       1. The War Will Come To You

       2. Gas Mask

       3. Pipe Dream

       4. It's Not The Money

       5. Cool, Not Unusual Punishment

       6. Let It Storm

       7. Mama Scared The Hell Into Me

       8. She Said, He Said

       9. I Will Always Resist

      10. Fat Lady

      11. All The Love I'll Never Know

      12. Because I Love That Woman (Yesiree I Do)

      13. Don't


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